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What we do for you.

Comprehensive Diabetic Services was created to provide diabetic patients and their caregivers with the highest quality diabetic supplies, information, and support at competitive prices with minor inconvenience to you. We work with each patient to ensure they receive the best service possible and the correct products to manage their diabetes properly.

Benefits to our Patients

We carry the top two CGMs in the marketplace: Dexcom G-7 and Freestyle Libre sensors.

We also provide diabetic shoes and inserts from the top five diabetic shoe manufacturers.

You can count on the following:

  • Complete training on the correct operation of your testing equipment in your home, in our office, or over the telephone.
  • FREE DELIVERY of your diabetic supplies directly to your home. No more trips to the pharmacy.
  • No more Medicare or insurance paperwork to fill out. Our staff will verify your eligibility for you. Co-pays, deductibles, and some restrictions may apply. We will contact you and get your approval if you owe any deductibles before shipping your order.
  • We will contact your doctor to find out what diabetic supplies you need to have delivered.
  • We will contact you to remind you when you can receive your next order of diabetic testing supplies. You approve each order before it is shipped.
  • We value our relationship with you, so please be assured that your personal information will be held strictly confidential. Comprehensive Diabetic Services complies with all HIPPA privacy standards.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied with your order, you may return it to us.

Need help with your
Insurance or Medicare?

We can help your navigate the insurance company and Medicare maze by providing help with forms and submission for supplies.

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Peace of mind.

Our goal is to provide our patients with peace of mind by providing diabetic supplies at the lowest price possible.

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