Medicare Support

We offer complete support for our Medicare patients.

Here are some answers to many questions our patients have about Medicare:

What coverage benefits does Medicare provide to people with diabetes?
Medicare will reimburse either 80% of the Medicare-approved amount for the cost of diabetic supplies or 80% of the retail price, whichever is lower. This means that once your annual “part B” deductible is paid, you are only responsible for the remaining 20%. You may owe nothing if you have supplemental or secondary insurance.

What are the Medicare guidelines for covering diabetic testing supplies?

  • Medicare requires you or your caregiver to authorize all refills of your diabetes testing supplies before they are delivered. You will never receive supplies you did not authorize.
  • All Medicare-enrolled suppliers (such as Comprehensive Diabetic & Medical Supplies, LLC) must submit claims for diabetic testing supplies.
  • A Doctor’s Order must be on file with the supplier (i.e., Comprehensive Diabetic & Medical Supplies, LLC) before your order can be filled. It must be signed and dated by the treating doctor.

Will Medicare cover the cost of my diabetic supplies, whether I take insulin or not?
Yes. If you have diabetes and are on Medicare, you may be eligible to receive home delivery of diabetic supplies such as glucose testing meters and test strips to help control your diabetes whether you take insulin or not.

What items will Medicare cover, and what are the reimbursement guidelines?

Blood Glucose Meter 1 every 5 years 1 every 5 years
Test Strips 100 per month 100 every 3 months

Under what circumstances will Medicare cover additional supplies?
If your doctor recommends that you test more often than the guidelines allow for, he or she can authorize you to get more products that Medicare reimburses. The prescription will need to authorize the number of times a day you should be testing and the reasons why they recommend more testing. Comprehensive Diabetic will contact your doctor and get your prescription with your authorization.

Who completes my Medicare or insurance claim forms?
Our customer service representatives will complete your claim forms. Comprehensive Diabetic will handle billing Medicare and/or your supplemental insurance company.

Need help with your
Insurance or Medicare?

We can help your navigate the insurance company and Medicare maze by providing help with forms and submission for supplies.

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Our goal is to provide our patients with peace of mind by providing diabetic supplies at the lowest price possible.

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